The face of occupational health and safety is changing. Many manufacturing facilities have realized that having a paramedic on-site has many benefits. Paramedics today are stepping into the occupational health setting by staffing on-site clinics and providing medical care to employees, completing Job Hazard Analyses (JHA’s) and finding new and innovative ways to manage a safe work environment.

Who better to develop and train an emergency response or safety team than someone actually trained in saving lives? Paramedics bring a level of experience to the manufacturing world that builds on the safety culture. They have a set of skills that are ideal in developing emergency plans, identifying and mitigating hazards and working closely to educate employees in healthy living. Paramedics have the natural ability to look at a facility and see obstacles that impede a quick exit and identify where best to place AED’s and other emergency equipment.

The role of today’s paramedic has expanded far beyond the back of an ambulance. If you look closely you can find them working in hospital emergency departments, doctors’ offices, and urgent care clinics. The field of occupational health and safety is definitely a natural fit for today’s paramedic.

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