by Brian Long
Industrial Hygiene Technician

Spring has sprung and there’s no better time than now to celebrate the power of rebuilding efforts to uplift individuals and communities in need.  Organizations like Rebuilding Together (who The EI Group supports) are revitalizing low-income housing and making a tangible difference in quality of life across the country.

Rebuilding Together of the Triangle (RTT) in North Carolina was established with a vision of creating safe and healthy homes for everyone.  This non-profit organization is guided by principles of integrity, respect and collaboration – bringing volunteers and communities together to improve the homes and lives of low-income homeowners in need.  There are similar organizations across the country empowering communities to rebuild with purpose.

Many homeowners cannot afford the necessary repairs to keep their homes safe/livable and the consequences can be felt deeply by families and individuals living in substandard conditions.  From leaky roofs to inadequate insulation, asbestos and lead-based paint hazards, critical home repairs to accessibility modifications (40% of homes receive some sort of these), their scope of work is as diverse as the needs of the people they assist.

“Preserving safe, healthy and affordable homes for our neighbors in need is essential to a vibrant Triangle community,” says Dan Sargent, Executive Director of Rebuilding Together of the Triangle. “The partnership RTT has enjoyed with EI for years ensures that the process of doing this work is as safe for our team as the completed product is for our neighbors.” 

As we celebrate National Home Remodeling Month, we recognize that the journey is ongoing as we strive to create a future where everyone has access to safe, affordable housing and the opportunity to thrive.  Together we can build stronger communities, one home at a time.

You can donate directly to Rebuilding Together of the Triangle or sign up to volunteer for one of their many ongoing events. The EI Group is a regular participant in such events and it is always a fun way to spend some time giving back to our neighbors.  Their next volunteer event is on May 18th, making a safe entrance and exit for a senior Wake Forest, NC homeowner.