Homeowners, property managers and local school systems often prepare for flooding and damaging winds whenever a hurricane is approaching.  States will declare a State of Emergency to ensure resources are mobilized to protect the health and welfare of their citizens.  After the waters recede, many will be left with water damaged property that will require water extraction, drying and mold remediation.

Many building materials used in residential and commercial construction are not easily dried (ex. drywall, acoustical ceiling tiles, insulation, etc.) which create environmental conditions conducive to mold growth.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed guidelines for mold removal in your home and in schools and commercial buildings.

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The EI Group, Inc. (EI) is prepared to assist with mold and moisture assessments if you need support.  EI’s environmental, health and safety professionals are equipped with the latest technology, including infrared (IR) thermography to locate water damaged building materials without destructive testing.  Our EHS professionals are also prepared to conduct mold inspections, prepare mold remediation plans as well as manage and direct mold remediation efforts

Call 800.717.3472 for mold assessment and remediation assistance in the wake of a hurricane.