The EI Group, Inc. (EI) routinely provides on-site, contract safety management/support services to assist clients in compliance with General Industry (CFR 1910) and Construction Operations (CFR 1926) standards. 

On-site safety professionals fulfill a variety of provisional roles:

  1. Design and development of specific safety programs, policies and/or procedures that target deficiencies in operations or training. On-site immersion is ideal for diverse EHS initiatives that require routine safety access and oversight, including facility start-up, closings or expansions.
  2. Temporary or extended safety support during transitions between safety employees or periods of workforce expansion.
  3. Temporary or extended safety support during periods of increased risk (rapid growth, work shift conversions, facility process expansion, etc.).
  4. Execution of time-sensitive safety initiatives that exist beyond the scope and schedule of existing EHS staff.  Such assignments are completed efficiently, without the interruptions that typically accompany EHS employee efforts. 
  5. Third party safety oversight of construction projects during facility expansion/improvement.

The duration and extent of contract support varies widely, contingent upon our clients’ perceived risk and timetable.

Typically, on-site support contracts range from a few months to multiple years, from two days per week to forty+ hours.  With a flexible team of safety professionals that possess a wide range of specialties/capabilities, EI is able to provide clients with solutions that evolve with their specific site needs. Our contracts are designed to offer routine coverage, but it is not uncommon for support to increase or taper off as facility conditions change.

Moreover, our safety professionals possess experience across diverse industries: construction, heavy/light manufacturing, food and drug, biotechnology/pharmaceutical R&D, power generation, etc. In addition to managing day-to-day safety operations, EI’s on-site safety specialists are often asked to focus on potential compliance deficiencies. In response to OSHA inspections or our own mock OSHA audits, EI safety professionals identify and address safety issues before accidents dramatically impact the bottom line.  Topics include electrical safety (including LOTO and NFPA 70E); confined spaces; fall protection, emergency response; chemical hazards; recordkeeping; PPE requirements; walking/working surfaces; respiratory & hearing testing; overhead cranes/rigging; fork truck safety… and the list continues. 

In this way, EI’s contract safety professionals address particular safety issues while simultaneously managing general facility safety every day they are on site.  Such flexibility, combined with their abilities to develop EHS programs and deliver OSHA-compliant training, makes EI contract safety specialists ideal solutions for addressing the variety of safety demands our clients commonly encounter.

If your facility is in need of some type of contract safety professional support, please contact us today at 800.717.3472.