As a senior safety consultant with The EI Group, Inc., my travels take me all over the country, ensuring clients are complying with OSHA regulations and their workplaces and employees are kept safe. While EI’s clients can be found far and wide, at times I am reminded that the EHS world can be a whole lot smaller than most realize.

One such example of happenstance began while I was conducting a safety audit at a bourbon distillery in Kentucky. An otherwise useless by-product of the distilling process is apparently good for land application, so this client allows local farmers to come on-site and load their trucks with the material. Last November, during an initial visit, I noticed a farmer loading up. In addition to the obvious fall hazard of him standing on top of the truck, the material is about 400 degrees F. In my report, I strongly suggested the client build a loading platform for these farmers. During a follow-up visit last month, I saw they had installed a new loading platform just as I had suggested.

Now fast forward to last week when I was teaching a 10-Hour OSHA class for another client located in South Carolina. This company manufactures loading platform systems like the one installed at the bourbon distillery. During class, I mentioned that I had done a fall protection assessment at a distillery in Kentucky. The manufacturing director, a gentleman named Arthur, who was sitting in the class said, “We just installed a loading platform at a distillery in Kentucky.” He of course was referring to the one they installed following my recommendation. I in turn said, “You’re welcome, Arthur.”

It sure is a small safety world after all.


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