In many organizations the management of utility costs has only recently become a significant priority.  Considering that energy and telecommunications costs can make up as much as 25 percent of an organization’s overall operating budget – utility cost reductions, even the most modest ones, can significantly improve profitability.  As energy costs continue to rise, EI is committed to managing those expenses and their associated environmental impacts.

EI’s approach to supporting organizations as they look to manage and control energy costs is both easy to implement and scalable.  An EI energy audit will include:

  • Data Collection: We compile your past and current utility invoices and construct a comprehensive database of key utility data – i.e., usage, demand, price, taxes, etc.
  • Reporting, Implementation & Monitoring: We prepare and submit management reports with our findings and recommendations, implement refund and savings strategies, and monitoring of future invoices for new cost saving opportunities and compliance. The technical solutions associated with energy savings and cost control are only as good as the implementation of the recommendations.  We work with our clients to develop a plan to facility operational or improvement ownership, thereby helping to maximize financial returns.

The “internal” consumption portion of an audit will typically include a look at:

  • Building Systems (HVAC, Lighting, Building Envelope, etc.)
  • Operating Practices
  • Maintenance Practices

Additionally, EI can supplement this “internal” look at energy consumption with a review of rate schedules and administrative practices:

  • Recovery Audit: Review your utility invoices for administrative, computational and other potential errors and overcharges.
  • Rate Optimization: Analyze your annual utility usage and demand profiles against available rate options to identify more cost effective alternatives.
  • Procurement: In competitive markets, prepare documentation necessary to solicit offers from suppliers, evaluate responses and negotiate contractual terms and conditions.

EI’s custom tailored assessments will help you pursue economical energy improvements that are environmentally responsible and provide a tangible return on investment.


Thank you. Our audit went well. EI has been an asset in keeping us on track with our regulatory compliance.

Michelle Hall

Staff Engineer, Kinyo Virginia, Inc.

LEED for People

LEED for People

Commercial real estate managers began the process of including environmental sustainability in building design over 20 years ago and the certification of buildings as such was soon to follow.