Waste management and disposal practices are governed by federal and state regulations promulgated pursuant to RCRA and subsequent related reauthorization statutes. Additionally, other rules and programs impact the management of hazardous materials to monitor and reduce waste generation. EI has gained significant experience in the application of and compliance with these regulations.

Solid Waste Management Services
EI has developed flexible, innovative solid waste management strategies for large and small municipalities which allow for future legislative, regulatory, and technological developments. Solid waste management services provided by EI include:

  • Development of an effective management program
  • Solid waste permitting and documentation preparation
  • Landfill gas management
  • Environmental monitoring and data management
  • Corrective action planning/implementation
  • Slope stability assessment and design
  • Landfill characterization
  • Solid waste landfill design
  • Bid document preparation and bid evaluation
  • Closure/post-closure plans
  • Construction quality control and quality assurance (CQA)

Hazardous Waste Management Services
EI has provided consultation support to clients regarding hazardous waste identification and management as regulated in 40 CFR 260 through 40 CFR 265. EI can develop an effective hazardous waste management program by addressing the following critical elements:

  • Hazardous waste characterization
  • Hazardous waste minimization
  • Compliance audits
  • RCRA Part B permitting
  • Recordkeeping, labeling, and storage plans
  • Personnel training
  • Contamination assessments and corrective action plans
  • Contingency plan/emergency procedure development
  • RCRA closure and post-closure planning

Materials Management Services
Effective management of hazardous materials is the best way to monitor and minimize hazardous waste generation. EI’s experienced professionals can bring their experience to support your efforts to manage inventory. Our services include:

  • Waste minimization and recycling studies
  • SARA Title III support
  • Inventories and audits
  • Risk assessment evaluation
  • Chemical use monitoring
  • Inventory control improvement
  • Pollution prevention program support
  • Process Safety Management support


As usual, The EI Group did a wonderful job. The technician that was here was very friendly and professional. Thank you so much for a job well done!
Brian Farer

Maintenance Manager, Structure Medical

Identifying the Need for a Facility Environmental Compliance Audit

Identifying the Need for a Facility Environmental Compliance Audit

Just about any facility that takes raw materials to make something has unwanted byproducts in the form of air emissions, residuals in wastewaters, and materials disposed of as solid and sometimes hazardous wastes. Federal, state, and local rules govern handling, management, and control of pollution from these and other “discharges”. Determining which rules and requirements apply and keeping up with the controls, monitoring, testing, and recordkeeping are not always straightforward tasks.