EI provides comprehensive, turn-key asbestos and lead-based paint consulting services. Through a multi-phase approach of inspection, in-place management, and abatement oversight, EI provides clients with practical and cost-effective solutions for the management of asbestos or lead-based paint hazards.

EI has performed hundreds of asbestos building surveys at commercial, residential, and industrial facilities. We assist clients in determining the most practical approach to manage asbestos-containing building materials. EI’s asbestos management services include:

  • · Training according to EPA MAP
  • · Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plan development
  • · Management Plan Development and Implementation
  • · Response Action Determination
  • · Air Monitoring and Analysis (PAT ID# 09023)
  • · Abatement Design and Project Management

EI’s Training & Compliance Centers offer a full complement of asbestos accreditation training courses, both federal and state-specific.  View the full list of courses here


    As a veteran environmental professional myself, I know and understand that compliance assurance and safety depend on diligent consideration of multiple factors, and the careful collection and presentation of technical data. Because of that complexity, I’ve happily chosen to work with the EI Group for over 17 years. I trust EI to provide highly credible analysis, and reporting that is both sophisticated and accurate, while also being concise and readily discernable. When it comes to actually getting the work done, EI’s staff are always friendly, professional and adaptable to changing conditions. I routinely rely on EI to provide asbestos testing, project monitoring and oversight, and I appreciate that their communications are always timely and detailed. EI is the partner you want: they do great work, remain flexible, understanding that every project has its nuances, and they’re staffed with quality people who are skilled in their craft and a pleasure to work with.
    Christopher Blakeman, MS, REM

    Environmental Manager, City of Roanoke, VA

    Clean Classrooms for Carolina Kids: A Program for Safer and Healthier Schools

    Clean Classrooms for Carolina Kids: A Program for Safer and Healthier Schools

    Schools are meant to be safe havens for children, fostering an environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive. However, in North Carolina and across the United States, there’s an alarming issue that threatens the safety of students and staff alike: lead-based paint and asbestos in schools. These hidden dangers, if not addressed promptly and effectively, can have severe health consequences. In this blog, we will explore the presence of lead-based paint and asbestos in North Carolina schools, the risks they pose and the steps being taken to mitigate these hazards.