The EI Group, Inc. strives to assist organizations in their quest to provide a safe, efficient and healthy work environment for employees by providing concept designs and troubleshooting of ventilation systems. Our design reviews help minimize costly and time-consuming retrofits by identifying problems before construction. We support all types of occupancies from heavy industrial to medical to office.  Our recognized experts provide ventilation and design review courses that train personnel to assess and manage ventilation systems and fire code compliance.

Ventilation Assessments Onsite evaluations of ventilation systems and containment devices.  Identification of any issues as well as providing recommendations for resolving them. EI can address issues in the following as well as other occupancies:

    1. Industrial
    2. Medical
    3. Educational Institutions
    4. Laboratory
    5. Office and Commercial

Concept Design
Industrial ventilation system concept designs save significantly on design costs and assure proper system operation. 


Recognized experts offer various ventilation and design review courses customized to fit customer needs:

    1. Blueprint Reading & Design Review
    2. Industrial Ventilation
    3. Life Safety

Engineering Design Review
New construction or renovation projects are reviewed to identify code violations before costly retrofits are required.

Life Safety Assessments
Onsite evaluations are provided to ensure compliance with National Fire Protection Association code criteria.

Industrial Hygiene Support
Engineering assistance supports specific IH surveys, ranging from indoor air quality to exposure assessments.


When you use The EI Group, Inc., you are hiring true Industrial Hygiene professionals with a real world view and service that far exceeds industry norms. With EI reports, you get the information you need right away without all the fluff.
Brian Hughes

Corporate Division Safety Manager, Perdue Farms, Inc.

Laboratory Safety Starts with Developing a Chemical Hygiene Plan

Laboratory Safety Starts with Developing a Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemicals, whether natural or synthetic, play an important role in our daily lives and are largely unavoidable for personal use and in the workplace. With all the information and protections we have in place to mitigate chemical exposure, you might be shocked to learn that most of the 80,000+ chemicals currently used in the United States have not been adequately tested for their human health effects. Laboratory employees are particularly vulnerable to hazardous chemical exposure through their daily operations. Exposure to hazardous chemical substances in laboratories and the lack of appropriate control measures can lead to catastrophic events, precipitating serious injuries and even fatalities, thereby underscoring the importance of chemical safety on the employer and user end.