Mold and biological contamination have quickly become high profile issues throughout the country. On almost a weekly basis, local and national news media are depicting businesses disrupted and residents ill or displaced from their homes because of mold contamination. The issue is quickly finding its way into the courtroom, as property owners, insurers, lenders and attorneys are all drawn into the equation. Settlements and awards in the tens of millions of dollars have already been reached in a number of mold cases.

EI provides the following microbial assessment and remediation services:

  • Investigate site for sources of moisture/water intrusion utilizing industry leading technology and techniques (Infared cameras, moisture meters, boroscopes and indoor air quality meters).
  • Collect air, bulk, or tape-lift, or swab samples for mold/fungi.
  • Generate list of contaminated and/or potentially contaminated materials based upon room-by-room visual inspection.
  • Prepare a written report containing a discussion of all observations and findings of the study.
  • Provide general recommendations for immediate and long term corrective action.
  • Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) prepare a written work plan which will incorporate the scope of work as well as remediation guidelines as established by the US EPA and other agencies.
  • Cost estimates for completion of remediation activities.
  • Develop exposure assessments for health professionals evaluating impact on human health.
  • Provide project oversight as well as clearances at the end of mold remediation projects.


I have to say, I am VERY happy with the results of the test, but extremely happy with the service you and The EI Group have provided.  You guys have been a life saver for me on this claim.
Scott Mitchell

Commercial Claims Manager, ICA Claims, Inc.

Mold Prevention Management Just Makes Sense (and Cents)

Mold Prevention Management Just Makes Sense (and Cents)

As inflation increases the cost for just about everything, businesses are on the lookout for ways to save money whenever possible. Increases in the cost of materials and supplies, as well as labor have many scratching their heads on how they can fight rising costs in all sectors. No doubt, the environmental abatement and remediation industries have also seen prices going up. Just take a look at the cost of a roll of polyethylene sheeting, which jumped to an all-time high in April and May of 2023, and is now just starting to make a downturn