EI’s Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) are committed to helping clients develop, improve and maintain a safety system that meets current OSHA standards and fosters employee compliance. EI’s safety professionals are skilled and experienced in all areas of workplace safety and capable of helping you to protect your most valuable resource… your employees.

One hundred percent OSHA compliance is not possible. For this reason, employees are always exposed to hazards, often without the employer’s knowledge. This puts employees at risk of injury and employers at risk of OSHA penalties. A thorough mock OSHA inspection conducted by an expert who is knowledgeable in workplace safety regulations can identify many of these hazards so they can be corrected. Safety professionals with The EI Group, Inc. (EI), regularly conduct simulated OSHA inspections for clients in the public and private sectors.

EI’s team of safety and health professionals can provide a comprehensive mock OSHA inspection to identify concerns such as:

  • Inadequate machine guarding
  • Inadequacies in the confined space program and performance
  • Inadequacies in employee training
  • Needed improvements in the inspection program
  • Employee exposures to fumes, noise, contaminants, etc.
  • Needs for OSHA 300 assistance… and more!

The typical mock OSHA inspection begins with a brief opening conference with senior management to plan the audit. The inspection then begins with a review of all OSHA-required written programs, followed by an evaluation of the facility injury and illness records (OSHA 300 log). A detailed wall-to-wall inspection is then conducted, during which interviews will be conducted with employees and supervisors. The audit concludes with a closing conference with management and employee representatives. Most employers opt for even more detail. A more detailed audit will also include a review of inspection records, employee training and investigation records, as well as a review of all OSHA-required, written health and safety programs, such as lockout, hearing conservation, confined spaces, etc.

Unless otherwise requested, each mock OSHA inspection includes a detailed report of all findings. Reports will identify each specific finding, including positive issues, and include the OSHA, consensus standard, or other appropriate source for easy reference. Digital pictures can be taken at the time of the walkthrough and inserted into the final report, unless the client chooses otherwise. Any pictures taken are provided to the client for future training or other use.

Whether you are anticipating an OSHA visit, have recently had an OSHA visit, or you simply want to do the right thing and protect your employees, an EI safety expert can help.


I am very impressed with your knowledge and experience and you have already helped us tremendously.
Yong Yi

EHS Manager, RJ Reynolds