Environmental, Health and Safety Programs
An EHS program consists of policies and procedures and how they will be managed. What policies are required in order to be OSHA-compliant? What must be inspected and who should inspect it? Who must be trained? How should incidents be investigated? The environmental, health and safety experts at EI answer these and other questions and build an entire program from the ground up or we can audit your existing program to identify weaknesses. EI’s Certified Safety Professionals (CSP) are committed to helping clients develop, improve and maintain a safety system that meets current OSHA standards and fosters employee compliance. EI’s safety professionals are skilled and experienced in all areas of workplace safety and capable of helping you to protect your most valuable resource… your employees.

Policy Review
Perhaps you have a need for OSHA-required policies. The regulatory experts at EI can provide you with written polices which are designed to meet OSHA requirements or we can conduct a comprehensive review of your existing OSHA-required written policies such as lockout, confined space entry, hearing conservation and others to help improve compliance and worker safety.

Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) Initial and Renewal Preparation Audits
Whether your company has just started the VPP application process or is ready for a renewal visit from OSHA, EI can assist you in every step of the process.  From completing the application; coordinating your employees, management, and contractor involvement; conducting an extensive recordkeeping and facility pre-audit; and develop an action plan to correct discrepancies, EI EHS professionals can get you on your way to obtaining VPP status. Already are a VPP site? We can also audit your system to help you meet Recertification Eligibility Requirements under the STAR program.


Great article Bill! Really enjoyed the read. Very important stuff for everyone that maintains an OSHA 300 Log to know. Even after 22 years of doing this type of recordkeeping, I even learned a couple of new things from this article.
Barry McCallum, CSP, CHMM

Corporate EHS Director, Mestek, Inc.

Overcoming Resistance to Changing Safety Behavior

Overcoming Resistance to Changing Safety Behavior

Sometimes the simplest changes are the hardest to implement.  Safety training is about achieving behavioral change, and getting people to alter their routine, even in a seemingly minor way.  This can be hard to accomplish unless those individuals “buy in” and the benefit outweighs the effort to change that particular work habit.