Trenching & Excavation Competent Person

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Trenching & Excavation Competent Person


Regulation OSHA 29 CFR 1926.650 Subpart P
Course Length 6-8 hours
Course Capacity 15 (base price; up to 20 for additional fee per attendee)
Pre-Requisites None
Who is this for? Any employees involved in excavation/trenching operations as part of job responsibilities
Course Description This one day course will prepare workers to safely create and work in/around excavation/trenching operations.  Participants will be taught the responsibilities of the competent person role to include documentation requirements. This course includes but is not limited to the following:
Course Description Points
    • Competent Person Requirements and Responsibility
    • Excavation and Trenching Hazards
    • Protective Systems: sloping; benching; shields; and shoring
    • Hazardous atmospheres and air monitoring
    • Access and Egress
    • Inspections
    • Soil analysis and classification
    • Avoidance of surface encumbrances and utilities


Trenching & Excavation Training Form
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Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a FANTASTIC job your instructor did today.  He has given his presentation to over 300 wage employees.  He is very thorough in presenting.  He is also very polite and have been extremely flexible throughout the day.  We look forward to having him back soon to provide more quality training to our employees.

Mary Krampe
Senior ES&H Specialist
Fisher Controls

OMG – best instructors ever!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, I would like to have them back every year in November to facilitate refresher training for us…fantastic!

Danielle Lindsey
Human Resources Manager
McCormick Spice

The EI Group is exceptional in its service, products, support, and people! Our local DPR Construction employees were very fortunate to receive FA/CPR/AED training from Amy and Cary Heggen at our regional office in Morrisville. I received nothing but positive feedback for the Charlotte trainer at our Forest City jobsite, too. All of the comments reflected upon the training being above and beyond anything they had experienced before.

Christine Parke
Field Office Coordinator
DPR Construction