Webinar: Most Common Lockout/Tagout Mistakes


When:       May 21, 2020 1:00 EST
Cost:         $49.00

Webinar Overview
Are you 100% certain that your maintenance staff and operators recognize the difference between a LOTO scenario and the Minor Service Exception?  What’s wrong with using interlocks and Emergency Stop Switches (E-Stops) instead?  This webinar presentation addresses a few commonly misinterpreted topics within the LOTO standard and offers attendees answers that target both efficiency and compliance.  If you suspect elements of your facility’s LOTO program are ill-conceived or deficient, this session will help clarify the confusion.


About the Presenter

Jonathan Poole
Jonathan Poole is a Senior Safety Professional with The EI Group, Inc. (EI) and consults on a variety of health & safety topics with an emphasis on identifying and communicating targeted improvements to site-specific weaknesses. He offers over 20+ years of instructional experience across diverse disciplines, including occupational safety, environmental science, industrial hygiene, manufacturing, construction management, software, sports/recreation, healthcare and education. In addition to designing and developing training programs for FORTUNE 500 companies, he has represented environmental groups and small businesses at numerous conferences and public forums. Mr. Poole received a Bachelor of Arts in English from North Carolina State University and completed postgraduate coursework in Education/Cognitive Science at Duke University. Mr. Poole regularly conducts employee training on a wide variety of OSHA-related topics, including, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Roofing Safety, Trenching/Shoring, Lockout/Tagout (LOTO), Asbestos Operations & Maintenance, Respiratory Standards and Pesticide Safety. When not training, he works with public and private sector clients to address distinct safety concerns through onsite safety audits and the development of job hazard analyses. In recent years, Mr. Poole has established himself as an expert in the LOTO field. He has written thousands of equipment-specific LOTO procedures for a variety of industries and is a frequent speaker on the control of hazardous energy and the minor exception rule as defined in 29 CFR 1910.147.


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