A common finding, and apparently another little-known violation, is the use of worm-gear type clamps for securing air nozzles and other equipment to compressed air hoses (Figure A). I probably see this serious violation at about 90 percent of the facilities I enter.

At 1910.243(b)(2), OSHA states the following: Airhose. Hose and hose connections used for conducting compressed air to utilization equipment shall be designed for the pressure and service to which they are subjected.

Even though many equipment suppliers sell such clamps for use with compressed air hoses, they are not designed for this type of application and are usually cited by OSHA as a serious violation. An Ohio employer was cited and fined $5,500.00 for using this type of clamp on air hoses. Instead, use crimped fittings designed for use on compressed air hoses (Figure B).

Figure A

Figure B

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